Still a believer in public banking …

The guy in THIS video is ready and willing to come to Winnebago County to speak on the concept of public banking that could and would effectively take Wall Street and the big banks that nearly destroyed our economy back in 2007/2008 out of the equation, and that were bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Just as North Dakota did about 100 years ago, so can we here in Winnebago County. That state has been the only state in America that has run in the black ever single year since they created a state bank. They are in control of their own economic destiny. Nearly every dollar in investments within the state stay there. Millions of dollars saved and used for the public good all while state and local level taxes rarely, if ever go up.

Please watch the 40 minute video I link to above and consider helping me spread the word and help get that guy (Mike Krauss) out here to speak on this issue. Yes, I realize I lost my bid for the county board and I’m now running for city council of Loves Park, but this issue is bigger than my campaign. I believe in this, and if you consider yourself a fiscal conservative, you should be all over this happening as well.

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