Our roads are in bad shape

So I got a phone call today from a constituent who wanted me to come over to discuss an issue that’s been bothering him for many years. The road in front of his home and how over the years the best he’s gotten from our city is cheap repairs. Basically bandaids on a growing problem.

This was certainly not the first person to contact or tell me about the same issue during all my walking door to door. Our roads are in bad shape, despite an outwardly decent look for many of them. But way too many streets are full of bulges and cracks. Not too mention how many intersections fill up with water for days after a storm.

We need to invest in rebuilding our roads and sidewalks all over this city. Especially the older sections of town along Rt 251. While we’re at it, we should replace most, if not all our sewer lines as well.
I’ve also said this before, but we should also look into burying as many of our power lines as possible. Telephone poles are an 19th century technology still being used in the 21st century.

Time to progress forward if you ask me.

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