On the potential repeal of the Johnson Amendment

In my humble opinion that would be a NO! Unless we actually believe the day will come and we witness an actual brick and mortar church start speaking a political stance? Otherwise, if we allow this law to be repealed, then we are giving those who run a church to have a second layer of free speech rights. Does that seem fair to anyone?

Also, are we sure we want to open up this potential Pandoras Box and allow America to become the Christian opposite of Saudi Arabia? Because that is a very real possibility! Especially in a nation that currently allows money to be considered free speech and corporations to be treated as people. Think reversal of Buckley v Valeo, but that’s a different argument.

The 1st amendment right to free speech is meant for We, the People. Not churches, not businesses, not unions, not corporations, and certainly not money. Mainly, but not limited to the very fact because individuals already have free speech rights! Just because they own a businesses or in the case of money, some own more money than others do these people really deserve a second voice? Because that’s what the repeal of this law would do.

Some have argued this is about individual free speech rights and have attempted to skew the facts by claiming the repeal of this law would enhance individual free speech rights. That would be a straight up lie! This law has nothing to do with actual human beings individual rights. And in case you’re wondering, but this law does not undermine actual human beings ability to practice any religion they want, or not practice one at all.

Regardless of whether you believe this nation is Christian or a secular one, we really should get out of this practice of giving certain individual people an extra layer of speech rights just because they own a business (think Hobby Lobby) or run a church. This is a very dangerous path we are following, and if we continue down it, we all lose.

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