Local Issues

Economic development

I will work to expand the small business presence in our community. I will ask potential owners that hope to put roots down in our city are doing so for the greater good of us all. I also believe worker owned cooperatives are a good alternative for when a corporation or business owners may decide to shutdown their given business instead of allowing those jobs to simply disappear.

Public safety

As a father of three daughters and a school bus driver, I know firsthand the importance of keeping our children and communities safe. Like you, I want our police to have the means to protect & serve us and to keep it that way. But I also want to make sure our police are never used as revenue chasers for the city.

Infrastructure improvements

As I drive around our city I see many spots that are in need of repair, from broken sidewalks along Route 251 to street corners like Eastmont & Maple and Evans & Winters that remain flooded for up to two days after rain. We all dutifully pay our local taxes, and every penny should be used for all our benefits and not just for longevity pay and other financial handouts typically associated with nepotism and secret deals.

Local tax relief

Until such time as the federal government brings back a progressive taxing system like that under FDR and DDE, here at the local level taxes always have a nasty need of going up and getting out of hand. There is one possible way to help alleviate this problem, and that is to get the county to charter its own public banking system, which I have spoken about before HERE. As for some of the many local taxes we face, I feel the utility tax needs to be revisited. If for any other purpose than to reconsider where and how the funds from that series of taxes are being spent.

Being readily available to hear your concerns

I believe that in order to have good government of and for the people, the people themselves must be involved. As your alderman, I feel it would be my duty to keep you informed regularly and have candid conversations and ask questions so we may speak to each other when possible by offering monthly public town halls and coffees at the homes of willing constituents. It is important that you also strive to keep my and other elected officials feet to the proverbial fire with showing up at the occasional city council meeting, write letters to the editor, and email your alderman and mayor.