Well, to say “I told you so” just doesn’t go far enough

“The Intercept” news agency HERE goes on to explain how PE Trump is about to pick one of the worst possible people to put in charge of the Health and Human Services, Georgia Republican Congressman Tom Price has been a huge advocate for years in privatizing both Social Security and Medicare! Yet Donald Trump specifically stated in the primary he would never ever allow either program to become privatized. So much for campaign promises if this happens.

Something tells me Trump isn’t even making any of these decisions? So yeah, they’re draining the swamp alright. Of the last few moderate establishment insiders and has refilled it with the worst of the worst offenders and toxic goo of the very Wall Street/Big Business Trump/Pence accused HRC of being a part of. I mean come on now. He’s filling his cabinet with Goldman Sach’s top management to help run our economy. All of whom were smack in the middle of the financial meltdown in 2008 which caused millions of average Americans to lose their homes and livelihoods and nearly destroyed the entire worlds economy!  I certainly hope Trump supporters will come to terms really soon that they’d been conned into voting for him? Otherwise, their SSI and Medicare might be gone before too long?

So you see, this is EXACTLY WHY Bernie Sanders was the better choice! The attack lines Trump used against HRC would have bounced off Bernie with little trouble. Oh, Bernie’s a socialist? Yeah, Bernie has said as much and 25% of Republicans STILL SUPPORT him in Vermont year in and year out. Oh, and at least 1/3 of Trump supporters started off as Bernie supporters because of his integrity and fifty year political career of speaking truth to power and only went to Trump BECAUSE of the DNC/HRC collusion in screwing him over.

No candidate is perfect. Bernie, Tulsi, Liz Warren, Grayson, whoever all have their flaws. But for myself, I’m thinking Sanders/Gabbard in 2020 … if you have any care about the future of this nation. About doing something about getting money out of politics and ending corporate person hood, I implore you to go  to one or both –> Brand New Congress and Our Revolution

Unfortunately, this isn’t really the worst of things to come. We are still six weeks from Jan 20th, 2017 … I recommend wearing a proverbial seat belt. Because its gonna be a bumpy ride the next four years.

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