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Our roads are in bad shape

So I got a phone call today from a constituent who wanted me to come over to discuss an issue that’s been bothering him for many years. The road in front of his home and how over the years the best he’s gotten from our city is cheap repairs. Basically bandaids on a growing problem.

This was certainly not the first person to contact or tell me about the same issue during all my walking door to door. Our roads are in bad shape, despite an outwardly decent look for many of them. But way too many streets are full of bulges and cracks. Not too mention how many intersections fill up with water for days after a storm.

We need to invest in rebuilding our roads and sidewalks all over this city. Especially the older sections of town along Rt 251. While we’re at it, we should replace most, if not all our sewer lines as well.
I’ve also said this before, but we should also look into burying as many of our power lines as possible. Telephone poles are an 19th century technology still being used in the 21st century.

Time to progress forward if you ask me.

On the potential repeal of the Johnson Amendment

In my humble opinion that would be a NO! Unless we actually believe the day will come and we witness an actual brick and mortar church start speaking a political stance? Otherwise, if we allow this law to be repealed, then we are giving those who run a church to have a second layer of free speech rights. Does that seem fair to anyone?

Also, are we sure we want to open up this potential Pandoras Box and allow America to become the Christian opposite of Saudi Arabia? Because that is a very real possibility! Especially in a nation that currently allows money to be considered free speech and corporations to be treated as people. Think reversal of Buckley v Valeo, but that’s a different argument.

The 1st amendment right to free speech is meant for We, the People. Not churches, not businesses, not unions, not corporations, and certainly not money. Mainly, but not limited to the very fact because individuals already have free speech rights! Just because they own a businesses or in the case of money, some own more money than others do these people really deserve a second voice? Because that’s what the repeal of this law would do.

Some have argued this is about individual free speech rights and have attempted to skew the facts by claiming the repeal of this law would enhance individual free speech rights. That would be a straight up lie! This law has nothing to do with actual human beings individual rights. And in case you’re wondering, but this law does not undermine actual human beings ability to practice any religion they want, or not practice one at all.

Regardless of whether you believe this nation is Christian or a secular one, we really should get out of this practice of giving certain individual people an extra layer of speech rights just because they own a business (think Hobby Lobby) or run a church. This is a very dangerous path we are following, and if we continue down it, we all lose.

Big event at The Irish Rose

Now that we are witnessing the disaster known as Donald Trump and all his shiny new bottom of the swamp cabinet picks start to take shape. Not too mention the Congress in full control of the GOP, along with 32 state governorships and state legislatures. It is time to get past the asking the Democratic Party and all those who voted for Hillary Clinton if you are all starting to come to terms that while HRC was certainly qualified, she was simply not the right person in 2016 that it is time to get over it and recognize now, before it is too late that what Bernie Sanders brought to the table is the future of this party. That a quarter of Trump’s own support started off as Bernie supporters and only went to Trump because he ran to the left of Hillary on many economic issues, along with how the DNC screwed Bernie and snubbed his base throughout the general. Hell, even David Brock of MediaMatters fame has since come to realize his mistake and openly apologized to Bernie and his base. Although his seems desperate, at least he sees the light?

So please just come to terms and accept that Hillary’s last best hope for the White House was 2008 and that many of you were so caught up in the breaking of the glass ceiling for a woman president that you were unable or unwilling to recognize the writing that was on the wall back in 2008 when an aggressive progressive candidate named Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton for the nomination. It’s okay. Politics can get heated. So relax, we WILL have a woman president, and certainly we are long overdue. But right now, we have to concentrate on setting our party’s focus in a purely progressive direction. Not the current wishy washy, watered down, pragmatic, baby steps, corporate influenced keep inching to the right “3rd Way” way. This will be hard for those of you old school Democrats to accept, but accept you must. It is understandable your resistance, but despite the angst towards you by some of the younger kids. In the end, we are all on the same team, and the new generation will eventually take full control of the reigns.

It is long past overdue, and hopefully not too late knowing the damage about to befall us in the form of the GOP (a party which is full of elected members everywhere who have made their political careers being anti-government and pro corporate sellouts) being in charge of pretty much everything. Sadly, way too many elected Democrats have been following in this direction and I will no longer stand for it continuing! The Democratic party from the local county party to the DNC can no longer take the big dollar donations. We must turn our backs at the easy fundraising by the millionaire and billionaire class and start doing what we should have never stopped doing. And that is running or hosting –>

One town hall at a time! One rally at a time. One coffee talk at a time. Knocking on doors, talking and actually listening to the people and their particular stories, one on one if need be. And only accepting small dollar donations directly from the very voters themselves currently and eventually make public financing of ALL elections from dog catcher to president the law of the land! This is why, for my county anyways (you should do the same in your county wherever you are in America as well) I am holding the following Facebook EVENT … for those who don’t use Facebook click HERE instead

Because in my mind, a party platform is only as strong as those willing to help write it and enforce it! Politics may be ugly these days, but it doesn’t have to be. No issues can be truly and honestly dealt with until we get secret/dark/dirty money out of the political process. And believe it, a party platform with a full load of precinct committee-persons who help write it and enforce it all across this nation can defeat big money (Kochs, Addleson, Waltons, Soros, etc, etc) because as I said above, a one time face to face interaction with a voter will defeat any number of commercials and shiny political post cards any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

Still a believer in public banking …

The guy in THIS video is ready and willing to come to Winnebago County to speak on the concept of public banking that could and would effectively take Wall Street and the big banks that nearly destroyed our economy back in 2007/2008 out of the equation, and that were bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Just as North Dakota did about 100 years ago, so can we here in Winnebago County. That state has been the only state in America that has run in the black ever single year since they created a state bank. They are in control of their own economic destiny. Nearly every dollar in investments within the state stay there. Millions of dollars saved and used for the public good all while state and local level taxes rarely, if ever go up.

Please watch the 40 minute video I link to above and consider helping me spread the word and help get that guy (Mike Krauss) out here to speak on this issue. Yes, I realize I lost my bid for the county board and I’m now running for city council of Loves Park, but this issue is bigger than my campaign. I believe in this, and if you consider yourself a fiscal conservative, you should be all over this happening as well.

Well, to say “I told you so” just doesn’t go far enough

“The Intercept” news agency HERE goes on to explain how PE Trump is about to pick one of the worst possible people to put in charge of the Health and Human Services, Georgia Republican Congressman Tom Price has been a huge advocate for years in privatizing both Social Security and Medicare! Yet Donald Trump specifically stated in the primary he would never ever allow either program to become privatized. So much for campaign promises if this happens.

Something tells me Trump isn’t even making any of these decisions? So yeah, they’re draining the swamp alright. Of the last few moderate establishment insiders and has refilled it with the worst of the worst offenders and toxic goo of the very Wall Street/Big Business Trump/Pence accused HRC of being a part of. I mean come on now. He’s filling his cabinet with Goldman Sach’s top management to help run our economy. All of whom were smack in the middle of the financial meltdown in 2008 which caused millions of average Americans to lose their homes and livelihoods and nearly destroyed the entire worlds economy!  I certainly hope Trump supporters will come to terms really soon that they’d been conned into voting for him? Otherwise, their SSI and Medicare might be gone before too long?

So you see, this is EXACTLY WHY Bernie Sanders was the better choice! The attack lines Trump used against HRC would have bounced off Bernie with little trouble. Oh, Bernie’s a socialist? Yeah, Bernie has said as much and 25% of Republicans STILL SUPPORT him in Vermont year in and year out. Oh, and at least 1/3 of Trump supporters started off as Bernie supporters because of his integrity and fifty year political career of speaking truth to power and only went to Trump BECAUSE of the DNC/HRC collusion in screwing him over.

No candidate is perfect. Bernie, Tulsi, Liz Warren, Grayson, whoever all have their flaws. But for myself, I’m thinking Sanders/Gabbard in 2020 … if you have any care about the future of this nation. About doing something about getting money out of politics and ending corporate person hood, I implore you to go  to one or both –> Brand New Congress and Our Revolution

Unfortunately, this isn’t really the worst of things to come. We are still six weeks from Jan 20th, 2017 … I recommend wearing a proverbial seat belt. Because its gonna be a bumpy ride the next four years.

Thank you

My “thank you” to the good people of District 17 of Winnebago County (IL) in one of the local Rockford, IL papers HERE

Full text here –>

I want to thank all those who volunteered, donated, helped me in any way, or ultimately decided to vote for me in my run for District 17 of the Winnebago County Board this past election on Nov. 8. I did everything expected of a candidate: going door to door, talking directly to the people, holding fundraisers and getting active in researching and taking on many local issues rarely given voice.

Despite the setback, I absolutely believe my issues are still worth mentioning and fighting for until they become reality. For example, I’m 100-percent convinced that our county animal services must be made into a no-kill shelter sooner rather than never. I further believe the Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance is a must if we are to put on notice bad breeders and help end the practice of puppy mills. If you are an animal owner and lover, you owe it to your furry family member to at least research these two very important issues.

Public banking is another issue that would be of considerable tax saving and financial value for our county. Google “North Dakota state bank” and read for yourself what they have done for themselves, starting over 100 years ago. Not only did they remove Wall Street from the equation, but they are the only state in the union to have run in the black every single year since it chartered its state bank.

So again, thank you for everything. It was a great run. I enjoyed doing my part in trying to further the discussion on these issues, and hope this letter furthers it even more.

— David Soll, Loves Park