A New Voice for Illinois

My name is David Soll and I am running for Illinois 68th District State House of Representatives.


Last year’s election cycle alerted voters across the political spectrum to the need for real political change. Millions of Americans who’ve sat out past elections suddenly had real hope in the primary last year. As such I will run on a truly progressive platform that I’m willing and ready to fight for and defend. I stand for: single payer Medicare for all at both the state and federal level, a prevailing minimum wage of $15 tied to production and inflation, investing in a “green” New Deal, stronger collective bargaining for unions, removing redistricting from the hands of political parties once and for all, a public state bank like North Dakota has had for nearly 100 years, and making Illinois the first animal “no-kill” state in the nation.

If you support these and other progressive ideas, we need your help to make this effort possible. I will be at Kate’s Pie Shop inside the East Branch library Saturday, September 23 starting at 11 a.m. as part of a petition drive for several other Democratic candidates and myself. Please stop on by. For a slice of pie if anything else.

Me with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in May 2015, Goose Lake, IA